Weddings during Covid-19

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Weddings during Covid-19

Planning your wedding during the Pandemic? Here are a few tips to help along the way:

Planning your wedding during a Pandemic is no easy task. Not exactly the expectation many of us had while dreaming of our big day. But, for many of us…THE SHOW MUST GO ON! If delaying your wedding is even more upsetting then a wedding reception with restrictions, then lets make the best of this situation and remember this is still a very important celebration! Here are a few tips that we have for you to help with your planning!

Know Your Local Health Restrictions:

  • Different areas and zones will have different rules when it comes to event planning. Make sure you are aware of what the rules are for private backyard functions, outdoor venues, and indoor venues. A wedding of 100 might be no problem in at an outdoor staffed venue, however indoor or in a backyard setting you may have to reduce your guest count to fit restrictions.

Keep Your Guests Safe:

  • During an important celebration of friends and family, the last thing anyone would want is to harm those we love. Ensure to plan the details of your reception keeping local health recommendations in mind. Seating guests by household is a great way to start, as this keeps bubbles together. Also ensuring masks are worn when not seated at the table, contact tracing and perhaps temperature checks prior to entrance of the venue are all good ideas to keep your guest list safe.


  • It is now a very common and cute idea to provide small bottles of sanitizer and perhaps personalized masks to each guest on a gift table. This is not only a very functional gift to your guests, but this can also be used in fun ways to keep with your wedding theme.

Be Ready for Change:

  • As we all have already experienced, an outbreak in cases can lead to quick action from our Ontario Government. Rules and guidelines might change quickly, affecting the plans for your Wedding. We suggest you expect these changes, and have a plan B ready to roll-out.

Multiple Days to Celebrate:

  • Although not ideal, many couples have opted to stretch there reception over 2 or more days. For example, having the wedding ceremony with reception for Family only. The next day having a wedding reception with Friends only. Helping each event keep with covid restrictions and guidelines, and still being able to celebrate with all those who are important to you.

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